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Propane fracking faces long odds

Bucky Snyder, 71, stands on the plot of his land in Lockwood where propane fracking has been proposed.

Propane fracking proposal could sidestep state ban

ALBANY—A proposal to use gelled propane instead of water in fracking has led to a rare bit of agreement between some environmental groups in New York and the natural gas industry: They agree it could be exempt from the state's current fracking ban.

Anti-Fracking Activists Call For Ban on Alternative Methods of Fracking

Two months after the Snyder Farm Group in Barton announced it is applying for a permit from the state to frack using an alternative method with gelled propane instead of water, an anti-fracking activist is calling on the governor to put a halt to that plan.

Locals oppose fracking with propane

Binghamton (WIVT) - Anti-fracking activists are decrying a potential loophole in the state's ban on the controversial gas drilling technique.

Activists Call on Gov. Cuomo to Ban 'Green Alternative' Fracking

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Environmental activists are asking Governor Cuomo to immediately prohibit the use of all so-called "green" alternative shale fracturing methods.

Group calls on Cuomo to close fracking loophole

(WBNG Binghamton) A local anti-fracking group has called on Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to close a loophole that could make a form of fracking legal here in New York on Thursday.

Locals react to fracking ban

Binghamton (WIVT) - Members of the community who oppose fracking are rejoicing one day after New York State officially banned the practice of high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

Hydraulic fracturing officially prohibited in New York

(WBNG Binghamton) The state Department of Environmental Conservation has officially prohibited high-volume hydraulic fracturing across New York.

Fracking ban draws predictable reaction

New York's newly official ban on large-scale hydraulic fracturing drew a predictable response: Fracking critics love it and supporters hate it.

Did EPA Fracking Study Hit the Mark?

A new EPA study on fracking has those on both sides of the debate digesting the findings.

7 years later, NY finalizes fracking review

ALBANY – The state Department of Environmental Conservation released a 2,000-page, seven-years-in-the-making report Wednesday that lays the groundwork for the state's promised ban of large-scale hydraulic fracturing.

Lawyers scrutinize NY's next fracking move

ALBANY – For the past four months, the state Department of Environmental Conservation's staff — and attorneys — have been putting the finishing touches on a several-thousand-page document that will lay the groundwork for a statewide ban on large-scale hydraulic fracturing.

The agency has reason to be careful: the natural-gas industry and fracking supporters are looking for an opportunity to sue.

WNBF Interview 3/16/2015 with Walter Hang Re: Cuomo Asked to Provide Details on Fracking Ban

The state’s environmental conservation and health commissioners announced on December 17 that they would not support fracking for natural gas development. But no formal shale fracking ban has occurred in New York.


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